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COW Deployments

COW deployments (Cell on Wheels) and Colt (Cell Sites on light Trucks) Deployment
Cells on wheels (COW), or site on wheels, are telecom infrastructures, placed on trailers approved for road use, towed by heavy goods vehicles for loads of up to 3500 kg. These mobile radio base stations guarantee full operation in just one day and in restricted spaces. COWs provide fully functional service, via vehicles such as trailers, vans and trucks, to areas affected by natural disaster or areas with large user volume, such as major events.

A rapid deployment flanged pole is a mobile radio base station infrastructure transportable on truck, allowing fast and easy installation in restricted spaces. The antenna supporting pole, with climbing ladder up to the summit, is fixed to the main base frame and is composed of cylindrical flanged sections integrated by two or three sets of guys with a standard height of up to 30 meters. The flanged pole mobile station, installable in eight hours, does not require civil works or foundations, and is complete, including lateral ballast concrete weights and a working platform in checkered plate.