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QTC knows that your satisfaction is key.

Our team has the safety training, professional skills and drive. So we can take care of your construction needs.

About QTC, read more on the company. Take a look at the leadership that keeps it all moving. Learn more about our contributions to the community, our services and years of experience. 

View our portfolio page because we are happy to show samples of our work. We look forward to providing stellar service on your commercial project.

About QTC's History

About QTC Inc., a dream that started with doing any available work possible. Consulting, landscaping, construction and wireless communication.

This dream eventually evolved to where it is at today. A diverse general contractor, specializing in telecommunications along with commercial construction, electrical, and steel building services.

QTC originally started at Scott’s residence in Penryn, California. Our company began using a small shed as an office, and a tuff shed for tools. In addition, QTC’s very first vehicle was a 1990 Ford ¾ ton.

Scott, along with his kids (Candice, Jake, and Osh), officially started QTC in 2001. That is to say, family owned and operated ever since.

To sum it up, we are 200+ employees, that are all considered family.

The challenge of someone saying, “it cant be done” separates QTC from the rest. After all, QTC values its customers.

QTC operates primarily in California. Therefore, servicing nearly the entire state. While also carrying professional licenses in 7 western states.

About QTC Scott and Jake-Duncan President Vice President

“Do you want to be successful? Are you willing to lose everything you have to do so? Because, that’s what it takes.”

– QTC CEO/President Scott Duncan

QTC Leadership

About Scott-Duncan-QTC

Scott Duncan

President & CEO
About Jake-Duncan-QTC

Jake Duncan


Mardy Reyes

VP of SoCal Construction
About Kyle-Heskett-QTC

Kyle Heskett

VP of Operations
About Kevin-Floyd-QTC

Kevin Floyd

VP of NorCal Wireless & Commercial Cx
About Tim Long-QTC

Tim Long

VP of Steel Division

Dena Randall

QTC INC 2023 Company Picture

About QTC's Community

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QTC Sponsors 2022-LittleLeague
QTC Sponsors 2022-LittleLeague
Tri City Baseball Sponsor QTC Inc.

We at QTC believe that everything starts within the community that we reside, and work in.

We are so grateful for the opportunity to contribute, because we believe giving back to our community. Our focus is on youth activities, education programs, law enforcement and the like. Certainly contact us if you are part of our community with a great cause.

QTC is pleased to sponsor and contribute to the following community hubs.

Service Summary

QTC’s wireless services include antenna modifications. This is beneficial for customers that need to upgrade outdated components that will make their services perform faster for their customers. Small cells are beneficial for customers who want to have 5G speeds all over concentrated areas. Read More.

QTC’s Commercial construction division offers complete builds from start to finish, including planning and project management. QTC works out the details of your project and presents the best route forward.  QTC builds sites from the ground up from site preparation and civil work to building placement, site integrity and appearance. Read More.
QTC’s Steel Division will ensure you are firmly supported. This includes tower modifications, platforms, custom FRP and antenna mounts, general structural and architectural steel and custom one-off site specific solutions. Our division’s focus is steel service and retrofits. Count on QTC’s supporting service to bring your project to new heights. Read More.
Visit our services page to see a complete list of our services. About QTC Licenses: CA License #814859 | NV License #0068477 | AZ License #290425 | OR License # 185837 | UT License # 8625298-5501 | ID License #RCE-39150 | WA License #CC QUALITE919NR