Construction Manager

Planning, implementation, and tracking projects for a construction company.

Tower Technician Job Duties but not limited to:

  1. Define the scope of the project in collaboration with management.
  2. Create a detailed work plan which identifies and sequences the activities needed to successfully
    complete the project.
  3. Determine the resources (time, money, equipment, etc) required to complete the project.
  4. Develop a schedule for project completion that effectively allocates the resources to the
  5. Review the project schedule with management and all other staff that will be affected by the
    project activities; revise the schedule as required.
  1. Monitor the progress of the project and make adjustments as necessary to ensure the successful
    completion of the project.
  2. Establish a communication schedule to update customers including appropriate staff in the
    organization on the progress of the project.
  3. Reads and implements project drawings and specifications.
  4. Create and manage the construction schedule for each site. The schedule will consider permitting, materials availability, contractor availability, utility provisioning as required, network deployment timing, cost efficiency, property owner availability, and any other variables.


  1. Must be available to work full-time Monday through Friday.
  2. Must be willing to work extra hours and weekends when needed.
  3. Must be comfortable working in a construction office environment.
  4. Must be detail oriented and comfortable multi-tasking in a fast paced environment.
  5. Must possess strong organizational skills.
  6. Experience with civil construction is preferred.
  1. Ability to follow written and oral instructions.
  2. Ability to bend, kneel, clime, and squat. Have full range of motion.
  3. Ability to lift up to 50lbs. unassisted.
  4. Ability to operate hand tools.


  1. Computer and E-mail proficient.
  2. Excel (charts, graphs etc.).
  3. Proficient in all Microsoft Office Programs (Outlook, Word, OneNote etc.).

Quality Telecom Consultants Employee Benefits:

  1. Hourly wage commensurate with experience; regular evaluations.
  2. Comprehensive health benefits: Medical, Dental, & Vision coverage for all employees.
  3. Competitive 401(k) plan.
  4. Life Insurance
  5. Overnight out of town Per Diem – when applicable.