Operations Coordinator

Job Description

To assist the Operations team in developing, coordinating, and implementing all tasks.

Operations Coordinator Job Duties & Responsibilities:

  1. Reading e-mails and prioritizing red alerts
  2. Updating excel trackers
  3. Sending various e-mail reminders and requests
  4. Follow up on incomplete tasks
  5. Report deficiencies
  6. Review and audit various reports relating to Compliance and Training
  7. Review reports for accuracy
  8. Prepare for and attend meetings as needed
  1. Preparing for events within the company:
    1. The hiring process: reviewing applications, scheduling interviews, sending conditional offer letters.
    2. Coordinating with internal and external parties (Example: Customer and Regulatory requests).
    3. Scheduling and coordinating training events and related items (Example: equipment, preparation, documentation, etc.).
  2. Assist with IT related tasks, schedule needed repair, monitor cell phone usage.
  3. Maintain excellent communication with a good attitude.
  4. Other functions as deemed necessary by circumstances.

Performance Standards & Expectations:

• The ability to regularly and punctually attend work
• The ability to flourish in a high-stress environment
• The capability to clearly communicate regarding projects and deadlines
• Must be available to work full-time Monday through Friday
• The availability to work nights and weekends as needed
• The availability to work overtime as needed
• Must be comfortable working in a construction office environment
• Must be detail oriented and comfortable multi-tasking in a fast-paced environment
• Must possess strong organizational skills

Job Related Skills:


  1. Microsoft Windows Proficiency
  2. Microsoft Office Proficiency


  1. Ability to sit/stand for 8+ Hours a day.
  2. Ability to continuously work in front of a computer 8+ Hours a day.


  1. Ability to maintain a professional attitude and acceptable workplace behavior.
  2. Ability to work harmoniously in a diverse work force.
  3. Strong interpersonal communication skills (customer oriented, and employee support).

Scope and Limits of Authority:

  1. This position is a mid-level supervisory position. This position includes the responsibility for the
    supervision and execution of multiple processes in relation to the internal operations. This position
    does not include direct supervision of personnel.
  2. This position reports directly to the General Manager along with the Project Controller, and other
    operations supervisors.