Logistics Admin

Job Description:

Purpose: To aid the Logistics Division with a variety of tasks and oversight.

  1. Reading e-mails and prioritizing red alerts.
  2. Updating and creating excel trackers in table format.
  3. Sending various e-mail reminders and requests.
  4. Follow up on incomplete tasks.
  5. Reporting deficiencies to management.
  6. Review and audit various reports relating to scheduling, material management, and CX timelines.
  7. Review reports for accuracy.
  8. Prepare for, attend, and host meetings as needed.
  9. Coordinating with internal and external parties (Example: creating travel itineraries, coordinating and tracking back orders, scheduling meetings, setting up events, etc.).
  1. Review financial information pertaining to division (providing financial reports to management, maintaining KPI reports, budget reporting, etc.).
  2. Maintain excellent communication with a good attitude.
  3. Assist with various projects including but not limited to: Fleet Coordination, Facility Coordination, Warehouse Coordination, Tool Coordination, and the merging of communication between all of the above as needed.
  4. Tracking progress, ETAs, and completion dates of projects.
  5. Follow up with and send reminders to management.
  6. Report deficiencies found in KPI reporting.


  1. The ability to regularly and punctually attend work.
  2. The ability to flourish in a high-stress environment.
  3. The capability to clearly communicate regarding projects and deadlines.
  4. Must be available to work full-time Monday through Friday.
  5. The availability to work nights and weekends as needed.
  1. The availability to work overtime as needed.
  2. Must be comfortable working in a construction office environment.
  3. Must be detail oriented and comfortable multi-tasking in a fast-paced environment.
  4. Must possess strong organizational skills.


  1. Computer and E-mail proficient.
  2. Proficient with Microsoft Office Programs: Outlook, Excel, OneNote, Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, Forms.
  3. Ability to problem solve and think critically.
  4. High aptitude for analyzing data and reporting.

Quality Telecom Consultants Employee Benefits:

  1. Pay is dependent on experience. Hourly wage commensurate with experience; regular evaluations.
  2. Comprehensive health benefits: Medical, Dental, & Vision coverage for all employees.
  3. Competitive 401(k) plan.
  4. Life Insurance
  5. Overnight out of town Per Diem – when applicable.