QTC Inc., Licensed General Contractor

Service areas of electrical, wireless and steel building for commercial construction projects.

We ensure you are connected along with excellent customer service.

Services by QTC Inc., our commercial construction, wireless and steel divisions provide. Our services extend beyond new site builds, structural reinforcement, upgrades, specialty projects and modifications, we provide 24/7 emergency and theft protection solutions.  We will get you up and running, and keep you there.

Telecommunication construction industry has been our specialty for over 20 years. We have increased our abilities to a wide range of skills and services.  No matter where you are on your project, we can assist you with your needs. 

At QTC Inc., the importance of communication, time management and organization is everything. Let our team approach your project with precision and expertise. Enjoy the professional, streamlined process with QTC Inc. Give us a call, fill out the form or send us an email and lets get started.


“We pride our self on delivering our projects on time, within budget, without compromising quality.”

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Our commercial construction division at QTC Inc. is a one stop shop, with in house crews that transform your dreams and business ventures into a reality. 

  • Tenant improvements
  • Remodels
  • New construction
  • Multifamily dwellings
  • Tilt-up buildings
  • Shopping centers
  • Doctor offices
  • Underground utilities
  • Vehicle charging stations
  • ADA compliance construction

General repair and maintenance services.

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Electric services by our skilled and professional staff. We handle all avenues of electricity. Our electricians are trained to handle all electrical needs, commercial, and skilled especially for industrial electrical. Because we know handling complex, sensitive and expensive commercial machinery is not be be taken lightly. 

QTC Inc. offers commercial and industrial electrician services, such as:

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Telecommunications
  • Service and repairs
  • Preventative maintenance

Our duties include communication with the client regarding project details, cost, blueprint review and timelines coordinated with our team members.

Easy to say, we do it all. Underground, new builds, remodels, telecom services, solar, generators, and preventative maintenance. QTC Inc. is moving with the times in transportation innovationBuild your vehicle charging station at your location today. Fill out the form or give us a call today.

Telecommunication modifications, repairs and upgrades.

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QTC Inc’s wireless services include antenna modifications. This is beneficial for customers that need to upgrade outdated components that will make their services perform faster for their customers. Small cells are beneficial for customers who want to have 5G speeds all over concentrated areas. 

Maintenance to your wireless systems are beneficial for customers who need a complete turn-key vendor to provide lease area clearing, theft protection, environmental protection, road accessibility, and preventative maintenance.

Services Wireless-Tower-Modifications-Upgrades-contrator-New-Site-Builds

Connect and stay connected.


  1. New Site Builds
  2. Generators
  3. Emergency Services
  4. Lines and Antennas
  5. Small Cells
  6. CRAN
  7. Modifications

Steel fabrication, finishing, tower modification and general services.

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Fabrication Services

Serving Owners, GC’s and our internal Divisions with custom components. Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum processing.

  • Certified Welding
  • Custom Fabrication
  • CNC Material Processing
  • Railing, ladders, stairs, gates and Aesthetic Components
  • Structural Steel Packages 
  • Vehicle Security Solutions for Utility Trucks and Boxes
  • Repair Work
  • Hot Dip Galvanizing
  • Powder Coating
  • Install Available

Tower Modfication Services

Serving Tower Owners, Carriers, Turf Vendors and Other Industry Professionals. Specializing in elevated welding and full turn key tower modifications.


  • Base Plate and Anchor Rod Reinforcements
  • Pole Shaft and Tower Leg Reinforcements
  • Bracing and Bolt on Upgrades
  • Port Holes
  • Foundation Upgrades
  • Micropiles
  • Tower Extentions
  • Concealments
  • Custom Site Specific Solutions
  • Elevated Certified Welding and Specialty Services

Building Steel Service

Serving the Wireless, Commercial and Industrial Industries. Specializing in challenging modifications to existing buildings, structural retrofits and equipment platforms.


  • Structural Retrofits of existing buildings; Foundations
  • Lumber and Steel Framing Reinforcement
  • Ground and Roof Mounted Equipment Platforms
  • Snow and Sun Shade Structures
  • Railing, Ladders and Stairs
  • Gates and Aesthetic Components
  • New Buildings and General Structural Steel
  • Renewable Energy Supporting Infrastructure
  • Remote Access Work and Certified Welding

Supporting service to bring your project to new heights.

We are your architectural steel specialty fabrication shop, we will always get a quality job done, in a safe and timely manner.

Thinking a bit smaller scale? Perfect.

We build custom mounts for small cell applications and offer field services to modify light poles and other structures to support your install. 

Emergency Maintenance 24/7

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Count on QTC Inc’s response team in your time of emergency. In today’s world, nothing is guaranteed – except for our commitment to you. Our goal is shared, to get you back up and running safely. Call 916-975-4341 for our direct 24/7 emergency service line. 916-975-4341

COW (Cell on Wheels) and Colt (Cells On Light Trucks).

Cells on wheels (COW), or site on wheels, are telecom infrastructures, placed on trailers approved for road use, towed by heavy goods vehicles for loads of up to 3500 kg.


These mobile radio base stations guarantee full operation in just one day and in restricted spaces. COWs provide fully functional service, via vehicles such as trailers, vans and trucks, to areas affected by natural disaster or areas with large user volume, such as major events.

A rapid deployment flanged pole is a mobile radio base station infrastructure transportable on truck, allowing fast and easy installation in restricted spaces. 

COW (Cell On Wheels) And Colt (Cell Sites On Light Trucks) Deployment Services

The antenna supporting pole, with climbing ladder up to the summit, is fixed to the main base frame and is composed of cylindrical flanged sections integrated by two or three sets of guys with a standard height of up to 30 meters. The flanged pole mobile station, installable in eight hours, does not require civil works or foundations, and is complete, including lateral ballast concrete weights and a working platform in checkered plate.

Theft Prevention

Each telecom site requires backup power to provide its services for twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Batteries, diesel generators and fuel cells are three main sources of energy. Diesel and batteries are a great source of energy and they can be used for domestic purposes. Hence they are the major assets for theft from telecom cell sites.

Special Projects

Our special projects department handles CRAN preparation & hardening, GPS over fiber, and non-traditional installations. When it doesn’t quite fall into another category, nobody is better at fitting a square into a circle. GPS over Fiber System means distribution of the GPS signal over long distances. It converts the RF signal to an optical signal, then back again.  The equipment used for these systems are GPs antennas, converters and external power supply units.

If you are looking to hire a contractor and don’t know where to start, give QTC call 916-315-0500, email or fill out the contact form.